My grandfather immigrated to Alberta in 1903. Alberta (with all its rugged pristine beauty) became a province of Canada 2 years later. Although he did not homestead, he bought land off of someone that did, as the country was just starting to open up then. My Dad who is 94 farmed 600 acres with horses. We have roots that run deep in this country. We are third generation farmers, located just near the spot that Fr. Albert Lacombe chose to establish the settlement of St Albert. He chose this spot because we are blessed to have, deep black soils with high organic matter

Now autonomous tractors and automation promise a future of unlimited potential where things can be done economically at a smaller scale. This will allow more flexibility and variety, facilitating further artisanal local processing not unlike the craft brewing industry. We are not strangers to grain processing. In 1989 we started an Oat Mill which is still Alberta’s largest oats processing facility. Being located just 10 minutes from Edmonton’s container yard we have affordable freight around the world.

For three generations, producing quality grain has always been our focus, however as we look to the future we love regenerative agriculture which blends some of the traditional ways we did things before the days of chemical fertilizers. We are so excited to continue custom sprouting and milling with a unique process that you won’t find with the larger companies. . We aim to produce a product that meets the highest level of standards, yours. This is your company. This is Yourco

Food is an integral part of health and overall well-being. Thus, we ensure that the food products provide to our consumers should be of top quality and paralleled with the advanced technologies. With years of experience, we have formulated and fabricated a wide range of services and products that meet up the prime requirements of the being.

We believe in connection as a family and as a provider to a consumer. Thus, a 100% transparency in whatever you consume is a must. This is why we aim to bring the most exquisite platform online for you to be a part of. We feel it is important to do things that the consumer loves and needs; and offering incredible service where the consumer should feel that it is his own company.

Our product range lies from Wheat, Spelt, Kamut, Quinoa, Flax, Hulless Barley, Hulless Oats, Peas, Faba Beans, Lupins, and many others.

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