You are either green and growing or brown and decaying. We love to grow. Maybe we don’t know all the answers but we have been around for a while and have had a few lessons. Vermicompost, teas, extracts, which plants to intercrop together, cover crops or relay crops, how to integrate animals, there are a lot of variables to consider with Regenerative Agriculture. Regenerative Agriculture as a way of farming has so much to offer, from more nutrient dense food, to sequestering CO2 in the soil where it acts as a catalyst for future production, to eliminating or reducing harmful synthetic fertilisers. Please contact us and let us be of service in sourcing your ideal crop. This is Your Regenerative Grain Company. This is Yourco.


The value of seeds increases with growing and milling. After the grains are grown, milling is th next process. We have set-up well-equipped mills that mill products at low temperatures. It is especially suited for oilseeds. With our machinery, we can produce grain and seed of any coarse flour or even finer flours. With a blend of several systems and we have fabricated ourselves to perform growing and milling of seeds and grains.

Besides these, we believe in custom milling. By personalized milling options, we offer an avant-garde range of services. whatever grains or seeds you talk about we have services for growing and milling. All the products are assimilated to bring flavor, texture, and nutritional content.

Only after we mill them with perfection, only then you can get those long-separate grains of rice. We endeavor to bring minimally processed and high-quality sustainable products. Modern technologies and years of expertise are brought into execution. Contact Regenerative Grains suppliers in Canada- Regenerative Grains for an ultimate milling experience.

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