At Yourco we select the best grain available and sprout it in small batches, in a new certified facility. We use a proprietary low temperature dryer and custom mill these grain and pulses to your specifications. We deliver it fresh right off of the mill directly to you. The world is realizing that refined white flour is not your friend. We make whole grain flour that retains and enhances all the goodness of the original seed. Let us help you make all your favourite foods in a healthier more nutritious whole grain way. The possibilities for customizing your product are endless.

Will you be part of a revolution to a better way of farming, a direct and transparent supply chain that allows you to know everything about your ingredient? For example the current supply chain makes it impossible to know where your grain came from and which wheat was desiccated with round up. How awesome would it be for you to tell the story of how you are part of the revolution? Please contact us and let us be of service. This is Your Milling Company. This is Yourco.


Seeds rise up with several wetting agents and detergents before being treated further. Thus, to preserve them and prevent them from spoilage, it is required to eliminate the removal of invasive alien plants that might impact the ecosystem. Thus, they can be treated with smoke and dry heat in order to sustain the viability of the seed.

In most of the seeds, the response to dry heat is better than ever. It helps in developing seeds before treatment and sowing as an active restoration treatment. To exempt from the expensive and probably to-be-failed achievement of establishing the seeds successfully, special mechanized technologies are used to restore the activation power. It breaks the seed dormancy making is feasible to sprout at later stages.

We want to deliver the custom made products in order to make a custom ingredient for them. Contact Regenerative Grains, the best grains suppliers in Canada- Regenerative Grains for an ultimate dry heating experience.

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