Sprouting seeds allows natures natural enzymes to start to digest and break down longer chain molecules. There is ongoing research into the benefits of sprouting grain but here are some of the stated benefits. Sprouting can:

  • Reduce the bitterness of flour resulting in less added sugar
  • Reduce Glycemic index
  • Increase the shelf life of whole grain flours
  • Increase dough rise and reduce proof time reducing the addition of vital gluten
  • Naturally mature flour and increases dough stability
  • Reduce anti nutritionals increasing bio availability of minerals
  • Increase phytonutrients like alpha tocopherol, B-vitamins, folate and fiber by 1.5-3.8 times

Sprouting seeds can take nutritionally dense grain and pulses and make them taste better, perform better, and be even better for you. Get in touch to learn how our sprouted products can benefit you. This is Your Sprouted Grain Company. This is Yourco.


Roasting is defined as cooking seeds and nuts with the use of dry heat which cooks every seed and bean from all the sides. We treat each product with extra care. Our roasting improves the product’s texture and also deepens the flavor profile of the product.

We have a broad spectrum of technology that aids in roasting. To get the most flavor, texture, and aroma, roasting of seeds and beans. It defines and brings a new definition of your unique product. We are well-equipped with machines that are versatile enough to roast your diverse end product. Roasting reacts with the natural sugar inside the food and brings a sweeter and a concentrated taste to it.

A perfect roasting process helps in enhancing the nutrition of the product with no to least number of processes. Our efficient process of roasting your food also aligns with the health benefits they pack with themselves. Contact Regenerative Grains, the best grains suppliers in Canada- Regenerative Grains for a memorable roasting experience.

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